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Central Committee Meeting: June 2, 2008, 5:30 PM at Big D's BBQ Restaurant in Weed


JUNE 2, 2008

PRESENT:Larry Marks, Neil Posson, Tony Hill, Lee Pettenger, Jo Peterson, Greg Messer

ABSENT: Tim Stearns

ALSO PRESENT (non- committee members): Stephane Posson, Brian and Amanda Causway, Marilyn Pettenger, Laurie Ottens

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Tony made the motion to accept the minutes from the May 5th meeting, Larry seconded, and this motion passed.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Larry reported that we have about $1,450 in our account now, this after sending in a $300 donation to the Jim Hardy supervisory campaign and a $20 phone bill. He told the committee that member business cards would be forthcoming.


Tony and Jo reported that there will be a yard sale in Scott Valley this coming weekend, June 6 and 7, and that if anyone has items to donate, please bring it to the drop-off site in Yreka this week.

Jo reported that the North Co. Club will be showing Norman Solomon's film, "War Made Easy", on Sunday, June 22nd at the Yreka Community Center at 3 PM. Laurie reported that she spoke to Terry, the librarian at the Mt. Shasta library, about the showing of films there in the future. Terry would like someone from the committee to meet with her in person about this.

ACTION ITEM: Neil and Stephane will contact Terry at the library (926-2031) and will meet with her about this.

Jo also mentioned that the North Co. club will have a booth at the Gold Rush Days event in Yreka on June 21. She would like PR for both the movie showing and the booth, in the paper; we are not sure, however, if Wilma (?last name) will be able to assist with this.

South County had a meeting to discuss the rejuvenation of the south county club, on May 9th. Present were Greg, Jo, Tim, Larry, and Neil. A social event was held at the DiVino Wine Bar in Mt. Shasta the following week. There was supposed to have been a "tailgate" on a presentation of a trip to Peru at the Wayside Restaurant about Jim Hardy's campaign on May 15th. This did not happen. Laurie brought up the fact that since the North Co. club is active, and that the South Co. has not re-established itself yet, that perhaps the best thing for this election year is to work together as one club; this has been mentioned before. Nothing definite was decided at this point.

PRECINCT CAPTAIN PROGRAM: Larry gave an introduction to this program at the Possons last week. On June 11, at Larry's home (1635 Eddy Drive, 926-3647) at 6:30 PM there will be an online presentation of the VAN (Voter Activation Network) program, lasting about 2 hours; this is open to anyone wishing to be part of the precinct captain program this year. The VAN program is all set up for this county. The presentation will be by Dan Ancona, and will include demonstration and exercises with the computer. Per Neil, this is the "most powerful thing we can do", and Larry reinforced the importance of personal face-to-face contact with potential supporters.

PREPARATION FOR THE NOVEMBER ELECTION: The committee decided that it will be important to plan ahead, with timetables, for the fall election. After discussion, we decided that the top three areas of priority are: precinct captain program (for which we do have a timetable), linking together the North and South county clubs ( to spread literature and work at fairs and events), and

writing up specific tasks with timetables. Larry mentioned that the committee will NOT be able to endorse non-partisan candidates in November, only partisan ones. We discussed the cost of sending out post-cards with our recommendations, in mid-October or so.

ACTION ITEM: Larry will get the estimated cost of postcards for the next meeting.

DEMOCRATIC DOCUMENTARY: Greg stated that he thought it would be worthwhile to make a thirty minute documentary about what Democrats in Siskiyou County are thinking and doing. He thinks that John Cummings from MCTV (Channel 15) would be able to produce it, and that possibly students at the college (College of the Siskiyous) could volunteer to help.

ACTION ITEM: Greg will bring an estimate of the cost of the documentary to the next meeting, and will outline the benefits of undertaking this project, as well as the steps needed to do it.

REPORT ON OPTIMAL ALLOCATION OF FUNDS: Greg pointed out the need to establish a balanced budget for the fiscal year, which would let us know how much fundraising is needed to meet our goals.

ACTION ITEMS: Greg and Larry will meet to prepare this.

Larry asked that all members and interested participants please be prepared to pay the annual dues by next meeting ($24.00).


Tony and Larry are willing to go to Yreka tomorrow night to be Democratic observers of the election tallies.

ACTION ITEM: Neil will call Colleen, the county registrar of voters, tomorrow to ensure that Tony and Larry can observe.


Tony reported that there will most likely be an available site centrally located in Yreka, for our headquarters, from mid-September through Nov. 4th. We discussed days it would be open, and it was felt that five days per week, e.g. From Tuesday to Saturday, from 12 6 would be good. The North County club has already discussed having headquarters, and per Tony, people on the club will research rentals for possible sites. He said that manning the office is a bigger problem than financing it. He felt that if we can get commitment from at least 15 people to each man the office for two days, that we would have enough man power.

Jo advised that the manpower be divided between the north and south county Democrats. So far the following people have committed to work two days during the six week period: Stephane, Neil, Larry, Tony, and Laurie. Laurie suggested that the Possons, Larry, and herself each recruit one more person from the south county to volunteer, and that would make 8 people from south county helping to run the office.Larry then said he had some ideas about how to ensure we have enough help with this.

Tony had a concern about whether or not the office would or should have high-speed internet service.

ACTION ITEM: North Co. club to follow up with research on possible sites and costs for having our headquarters in Yreka, and the committee needs to come up with at least 15 committed volunteers to man the office for the 6 weeks it's open.

SISKIYOU COUNTY FAIR BOOTH (AUGUST 6 10): Larry reported that the cost of the booth and the insurance have been paid. He then asked us to think of a theme, and that he will be setting up the booth schedule for volunteers, as in prior years.

ACTION ITEMS: Tony, Nancy Van Susteren will design the booth.

Committee members to offer ideas for our theme at the next meeting.

Larry to write up the volunteer schedule for the fair.

Laurie to ask the Fair staff if our booth can sell items (e.g., buttons,etc.), and can we accept donations for same. Lee will get the buttons.

UPDATE ON OUR WEBSITE: Larry reported that Brian Causway will be taking over this role, and will be updating us at a future meeting.







(Possons will get info from Democrats in rural Quincy)

MEETING ADJOURNED by a motion from Tony, seconded by Larry.

Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Ottens

"WE are the ones we've been waiting for. WE are the change that we seek."

- Barack Obama


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