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Racism in the new administration?

Racism in the new administration?

Every incoming President rewards those who have been strong supporters. They have brought votes that represent a viewpoint and they deserve to participate, in some way, in the new government. The quality of their representation in the government generally shows the importance of that viewpoint to the new administration.

Apparently, one of the most important viewpoints in the new Trump administration will be white racism, because that viewpoint is strongly represented by one of the two most powerful White House positions and one of the four most powerful cabinet positions.

Mr. Trump’s pick for Senior White House Advisor is Steve Bannon. He was last head of an online magazine that is, according to Mr. Bannon, a platform for the “alt right”. A key position of the alt right is “white nationalism”. White nationalism would mean establishing race as the sole qualification for citizenship of our country. In other words, it is racism.

Mr. Trump’s pick for Attorney General is Jeff Sessions. Senator Sessions was picked by Regan to be a Federal judge but was rejected by a Republican Senate for being tied to racism. There were comments he made, but during his time as a US Attorney he gained infamy for unsuccessfully prosecuting civil rights activists for voter fraud, in what most saw as an attempt to intimidate black voters.

Mr. Trump has always claimed that white racists were a very small minority of his voters, and he disavows them. Why, then, have they scored so big league in his administration?

Larry J Marks, Mt. Shasta, CA


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