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A Bridge Too Far

Fellow Democrats,

The appointment of Steve Bannon to the most influential position on the Presidential staff is unacceptable. Mr. Bannon is too close to white supremacists, Jew haters, eugenicists and other scum of the earth. No right thinking American, whether conservative or progressive, believes that these people should be represented at the highest level or at any level of the Government of the United States.

I urge you in the strongest terms to call, write, email and tweet your feelings about this to the incoming White House, congress and any others who may be interested. This is not just my opinion. Virtually every civil rights organization is strongly opposing Bannon.

If you need to see first-hand why I and so many organizations must oppose Bannon, just go to the Web site, breitbart.com, that he ran as an "alt right" publication. (Alt right is code for white nationalism.)

On the pages of breitbart.com, he has referred to one conservative who doesn't like Trump as a "renegade Jew". Why was the word, "Jew" there?

In the last days of the campaign, Trump said that Hillary had met with a committee of international bankers who want to run the world. Can there be any doubt that this was a reference to the Council of the Elders of Zion, an imaginary consortium of rich Jews who have supposedly been running the world since ancient times? When he said this, Bannon was reviewing everything that Trump said.

breitbart.com also regularly ran research from the Center for Immigration Studies. This organization adheres to eugenics, a disproved theory of genetics that the pages of breitbart.com used to show that Latinos are inferior to whites. Hitler used eugenics to persecute anyone who wasn't of pure "Aryan" blood.

Steve Bannon is not an appropriate choice for someone who has the President's ear. We must do anything we can to stop this appointment. Note that the position to which he is appointed is not subject to Senate approval. This is something to go to the streets about.

My own opinion, Larry J. Marks


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