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Siskiyou Golden Fair August 6 - 10

The Golden (Siskiyou County) Fair in Yreka in less than a month, from
August 6 - 10, represents our best opportunity to meet, register and
convince voters to support Barak Obama, the other Democratic candidates

and our issues in the election. We, the Siskiyou Democratic Party, the
Siskiyou County Democratic Clubs and Siskiyou County for Obama, have
obtained a very favorably placed booth inside the heavily-visited
commercial exhibit hall.

To pull this off, we will need a total of 34 volunteers for 17
three-hour shifts to double-staff the booth constantly during the
opening hours of the Fair. Here's the whole deal:

1.  We will give you free admission into the Fair.

2.  You spend 3 hours of your time at the Fair talking to visitors at
the booth.

3.  There are chairs in the booth, so it will not be necessary for you
to stand for the entire 3 hours.

4.  All shifts will be staffed by at least two volunteers: no one will
ever be alone. Even if someone does not show for your shift, I will see

to it that someone else comes to join you right away.

5.  You will be provided with a volunteer manual that will cover
everything you need to know about staffing the booth - information that

we have been compiling for the many years we have been at the Fair.

6.  It's fun to meet people. Almost all the people who come by the
are genuinely interested in our candidates and issues, and very
enjoyable to talk to. In the years I have been working the booth, I
not heard of anyone being harassed to the point where it was necessary
to get Fair security involved.

I'm sure you will agree that this is the most important election in
years. Please consider helping out at the Fair. In order to volunteer,
please send me a message at larry.marks@barberry.com or call me at 926
3647. Also, if you would like some more information about the Fair
before you decide, give me a call - 926 3647.

Shifts are

Wednesday: 5 - 8,   8 - 11
Thursday through Saturday: 11 - 2,   2 - 5,   5 - 8,   8 - 11
Sunday: 11 - 2,   2 - 5,  5 - 8

The two Wednesday shifts are by tradition covered by the setup team. In

addition, on Friday, those of us over 62 get in for free, saving us the

price of admission. So if you are over 62, please consider volunteering

for one of the Friday shifts. Other than Wednesday, all shifts are
first-come, first-served. If possible, please put down two or three
different times that would work for you.

Also, when you respond, please include your phone number so I can
contact you and make arrangements to get tickets and other information
to you.

Thanks for all you do,

Larry Marks, Volunteer Coordinator


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