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Our new office is now open at 303 N Main Street in Yreka, and we will have our Grand Opening on Friday.

In preparation for the Grand Opening, there will be a general meeting Wednesday evening at 7PM.

Our next Central Committee meeting will be Wednesday the 18th at the Yreka headquarters. See you there!

Support Debra Bowen for Secretary of State

How important is the Secretary of State race?  How important is democracy?  That's just how important it is that we elect Debra Bowen this November.

Pay now or pay and pay later: Yes on J
Those living in the county, in the vicinity of Mount Shasta, are served by the Mount Shasta Fire Protection District (MSFPD). Without an investment in MSFPD now, homeowner and renter insurance rates will skyrocket.
See Bill Moyers'
"It's a dizzying scope of perfidy and politics that boggles the imagination, and although Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay have been brought down, the system remains as vulnerable as ever," says Bill Moyers. "The scale of corruption still coming to light dwarfs anything since Watergate. In one sense it's the age-old tale of greed, but greed encouraged now by the way our system works.

Click here to see this powerful program.

Are You an 'Unlawful Combatant'?
Maybe so, according to this article.   Constitutional lawyer Bruce Ackerman also weighs in as well.  Be sure to read both articles.
Mt. Shasta Democratic Club Meeting
The Mt. Shasta Democratic Club will meet Thursday evening September 28th at 6:30 at the Mount Shasta Golf Resort.  See you there!
Sen. Landrieu Strikes Back

After listening to the Republican leadership offer ongoing accusations as to the Democrat's ability to defend the US, Senator Mary Landrieu attacks back:  "I'm not going to sit here as a Democrat and let the Republican leadership come to the floor and talk about Democrats not making us safe. They're the ones in charge and Osama bin Laden is still at loose."

Siskiyou Democrats support Charlie Brown for Congress in District 4

Even though he is not in our congressional district, Siskiyou Democrats strongly support Charlie Brown for congress in our neighboring congressional district. Charlie, a retired Air Force lieutenant Colonel. has a real chance to defeat  incumbent John Doolittle, who is a poster child for Republican corruption. Although we will still be stuck with Wally Herger, if Charlie and a few more like him can win, we can turn Wally into a minority party back-bencher. Let's all do what we can.

Party affiliations of Siskiyou County Candidates
Our county elections are non-partisan, but I know very little about most of them and in most cases, I have no idea how to vote. So, for me and those who are interested, this is a list of the candidates running for office in Siskiyou County and one additional piece of public information - their party affiliations as of last May.
As the mid-term elections near, election-watch groups are forming national strategies to ensure that if any abnormalities are identified on election day that they are quickly brought to the attention of the pulic.  Click here and here to learn more.

North County Democratic Meeting a success

North County Democrats met with the County Central Committee on September 6 at the Purple Plum in Yreka. Twenty Democrats turned out for the first organizing meeting, a phenominal turnout by any measure. The group set some objectives and agreed to meet again at the Purple Plum on September 20. All North County Democrats are invited to attend. Dinner will be at 6:30 PM and the meeting will start promptly at 7:00 PM.

Democrats Present in big way at Golden Fair

Democrats were at the Golden Fair in a big way. Assembly Candidate Mel Smith worked our booth for three days, while Central Committee members discussed organization and their upcoming meeting in at the Purple Plum in Yreka on September 6 at 7:00 PM.

BREAKING: Federal District Court Rules NSA Wiretapping Program Unconstitutional

Call Wally Herger and let him know that this has got to stop now!!! 

In a stunning decision concerning the NSA wiretapping program, a federal district court judge today declared that President George W. Bush has broken both statutory law (bearing criminal penalties) as well as breaking the US Constitution (which is an impeachable act), and that he has done so for five years.  She has ordered the NSA warantless wiretapping to be ceased immediately and permanently.

After the NSA Wiretapping scandal was revealed earlier this year, Electronic Freedom Foundation sued AT&T to cease and desist.  In response to the suit, the Bush Administration sought to have the suit thrown out due to "state secrets" priviledge.

In her decision, Justice Anna Diggs Taylor writes:

In this case, the President has acted, undisputedly, as FISA forbids. FISA is the expressed statutory policy of our Congress. The presidential power, therefore, was exercised at its lowest ebb and cannot be sustained.

Justice Taylor concludes her written decision:

The Permanent Injunction of the TSP requested by Plaintiffs is granted inasmuch as each of the factors required to be met to sustain such an injunction have undisputedly been met. The irreparable injury necessary to warrant injunctive relief is clear, as the First and Fourth Amendment rights of Plaintiffs are violated by the TSP. See Dombrowski v. Pfister, 380 U.S. 479 (1965). The irreparable injury conversely sustained by Defendants under this injunction may be rectified by compliance with our Constitution and/or statutory law, as amended if necessary. Plaintiffs have prevailed, and the public interest is clear, in this matter. It is the upholding of our Constitution.

As Justice Warren wrote in U.S. v. Robel, 389 U.S. 258 (1967):

Implicit in the term ‘national defense’ is the notion of defending those values and ideas which set this Nation apart. . . . It would indeed be ironic if, in the name of national defense, we would sanction the subversion of . . . those liberties . . . which makes the defense of the Nation worthwhile. Id. at 264.

The Truth About Electronic Voting
You Saw the Video, Now Read This!
Al Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth will begin showing at the theater in Mt. Shasta on Friday, July 1th.

Please be sure to see this critically important examination of the science of global climate change, and what we all must do about it. And take 10 of your closest friends and neighbors to see it too!

Can you help promote the film?  Donations are being solicited to run an ad in the Siskiyou Herald, assistance distributing posters (download PDF here and here) around town, or any other promotional efforts you can help with.

July 4th Booth A Success! Golden Fair Volunteers Needed.
Thanks to a group of committed volunteers, our booth at the July 4th Mount Shasta Festival was a great success. We registered voters and gained new club members.  We are now recruiting volunteers for the Siskiyou Golden Fair in Yreka, August 9-13.  If you can, please volunteer to help by contacting us.  The more volunteers, the better, as we will have 5 days to cover.  Thanks everyone!

A Siskiyou Democratic Reunion: July 29, 2006
The Siskiyou Democratic Club and Siskiyou Democratic Central Committee present a program on Single Payer Health Bill (SB840)
Bloggers from across the nation gathered in Las Vegas. Several videos are online here, here and here.

Walk for local Democratic endorsements!
It's time for a dramatic outpouring of Democratic energy! Our club and central committee has endorsed a slate of fine candidates for local elections, and NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT IT!
News Flash: Together at last
MoveOn.Com and the Christian Coalition are standing together to fight for freedom on the Internet
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